Uploading a Custom Prospecting List FAQ’s

Q: Will I be able to choose one sheet to upload for each different industry? For example, I’d like to have a separate list for Consumer Brands Industry, Medical Industry, etc.  

A: You will want each industry saved as a separate excel list. When uploading a ‘Custom List’ it’s static – so you can’t add additional filters on top of the list. The way around this would be to manually search for and add each company to a Search session so that you can apply additional filters like location, job title, etc.


Q: What information is required to upload? Is it just the name of the company or is more information such as address, etc. required? 

A: Company name and website URL. Here’s a quick video on HOW TO upload: https://support.accelerist.com/knowledge/can-i-upload-a-custom-prospecting-list


Q: Would Accelerist add additional companies that are in each industry to these lists? Essentially provide us with more prospects specific to each industry? 

A: Yes we can help with building out additional contacts in this industries. You also can use the Advanced Search filters to create Industry specific lists. Here’s more info on how to create a broader prospecting search session: https://support.accelerist.com/knowledge/how-to-create-a-custom-prospecting-search-session