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Email Deliverability... Lets discuss!

Best Practices you ask!


What is email deliverability? 

Deliverability means the rate at which emails actually make it to subscriber inboxes. Email deliverability failure is usually when an email went to the spam folder or was blocked by the ISP. 

Are there ways to improve email deliverability?

Absolutely! Some ways your IT team can improve deliverability on your behalf include

  1. Authenticate your email domain

Impersonation is not a form of flattery in the email world–it’s one of the quickest ways to tank your sender reputation. If you are not enabling Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), you risk falling victim to email spoofing (somebody taking control of your email domain) and, as a result, experiencing poor delivery rates. 

Authenticating your email with SPF and DKIM proves to the ISPs that you really are who you say you are and are worthy to send email.  Here's more info on how to get that set up.

If you have a server other than AWS please refer to this set of instructions, See Here.

What is SPF, DMARC and DKIM, read more here

2. Maintain proper IP allocation + warm up address 

As your email program continues to grow, it’s important to keep in mind that you will need the proper email infrastructure as you scale.  

Once you reach 25,000 daily emails, you will want to send on a dedicated IP address. And when you add a dedicated IP address, you’ll have to properly warm it up before sending to your entire list so that your gain trust with the ISPs that you are sending wanted email. 

Are there additional ways?

Absolutely! Accelerist makes a promise to you, to ensure the following to improve email deliverability. 

Clean Contacts Regularly (our commitment to our customers) 

We work to remove and keep inactive and unengaged users off email list, the more you risk damage to your reputation and deliverability rates. You can help us with this, if you ever notice something in the platform, please let us know, were all in this together. 


Best Practices for Email Deliverability from Amazon Web Services:

1. Only send to addresses that have specifically requested your mail.

2. Maintain your sending list by promptly removing bouncing and complaining addresses.

  • In the prospecting lists page find the correct prospecting list and click on "No of Game Plans"
  • Download the excel sheet with the game plan metrics - there is a blue download button. 
  • Go to tab "Recipients activity" on the excel sheet and filter by "bounced"
  • Back on the game plans page, click delete next to any name that has "bounced"

3. Remove addresses from your list that have not interacted with your mail in the past 6 months.

4. Ensure you’re sending high quality mail that your recipients want to receive.


To read more about email deliverability and some additional best practices in terms of content please check out this document

Happy emailing!