How Pricing/Asset Evaluation Can Help Your Organization

The information generated in the pricing tab can help inform the following recommended strategies:

Inform Internal Resource Allocation

  1. Evaluate the time spent on an existing partnership against the revenue of that partner
  2. Evaluate the level and specific assets that your organization leverages at specific giving thresholds
  3. Identify opportunities to increase investment with existing partners who are below the minimum threshold
  4. Use the suggested minimum threshold to focus your fundraising team on defining or adjusting appropriate giving thresholds

Inform Ask of Potential Prospects

  1. Establish price points that will guide conversations with potential prospects
  2. Differentiate your organization’s value proposition and identify unique value that you bring to the table

Development of Valuable Assets

  1. Use the areas for growth and underperformance and the potential minimum threshold to substantiate internal investment in building out assets
  2. Use the areas for growth and underperformance to identify growth opportunities for expansion and new revenue

Upsell Existing partners

  1. Leverage the minimum threshold to increase existing partners’ giving threshold to match your value, having tangible metrics to justify the conversation
  2. Leverage the minimum threshold and total asset value to convert partners to multi-year commitments that reflect your organization’s overall valuation.