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What data should I enter on the Pricing tab?

Entering data and saving progress on an Asset Valuation

  • Remember to start entering data select “enter details” to begin filling out a valuation.
  • Once started, remember that all inputs should be specific to what you are intending to value. i.e. if you selected to value a property then input ONLY data that is specific to that property.
    • Users can save and return to this page as many times as they would like before they are ready for submission. The save button is featured at the bottom of the page.
    • If a user hits save, then the percentage of information they have completed will be featured as they enter or view the Pricing summary page from the tab. For example, if the valuation is halfway done the percentage will display 50%.  
  •  All data entries should reflect the organizational resources and assets that are leverageable for the partnership, event, or campaign the user is valuing.