ROI: What are these icons?

You will notice in the ROI tab next to your partners we have some icons. Lets review those...


  • Starting with the eyeball -- this icon when clicked will take you to that partners corporate profile. Cool right? We aim to make it easy!
  • Next the diamond -- this is our steward token, when clicked, you will see the Stewardship intake below. You can complete this intake based on your partnership and generate a prescribed stewardship plan. 

  • A stewardship plan -- what does that entail? I'm glad you asked! Below, you'll see our recommendations and you can cherry pick what you select. We also have templates! 

As you can see we make it so easy, and will even send you reminder notifications to keep you on top of your stewardship plans! Happy tracking.


  • Next up we have that graph, that represents our Impact tracking. Lets take a look below:

  • Lastly we have the clipboard -- this is our stunning partner report that you can use to prove value.  We also have an integration with Canva that allows for a custom report where you have the option to drag and drop different data points. 

* Note this Canva integration is only included in some of our subscriptions, if you have questions feel free to reach out to your sales manager or account manager*


See a sample partner report here.