ROI Tool Guide

A tool guide for best practices, tips and tricks for the ROI module.

Need some additional details using the ROI tool? No need to look any further.

Please check out our ROI tool guide here.

We know that sometimes you might not have access to all of this data. Below are the fields that we deem necessary in order to run a report. For any other fields, if you do not have the requested data, simply enter a $0/0 before submitting. You can choose to de-select any data that you do not have values for when building the impact report.

Company Social Spend | Total Giving

  • Cash ($ Value)
  • Non-Cash ($ Value)

Business Value | Constituent Engagement

  • Engagement from ambassadors, executives, or influencers (Yes/No)
  • Access to agencies, vendors or other portfolio brands (Yes/No)

Business Value | Brand Reputation (Only If Applicable)

  • Media Impressions
    • Paid Media Impressions
    • Owned Media Impressions
    • Additional Social Media Impressions

Social Value | Quantitative

  • Program Focus Area - % of Giving (Only If Applicable)
  • Beneficiaries (Drop Down Selection)
  • Mission Advancement - Over the last 12 months, what positive change did your organization make?
  • Scope of Impact – (Global, International, National, Regional, State/Province-wide)