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Pricing/Asset Valuation the Need to have Vs Nice to have

While all fields must have an entry in order to be submitted. If your team doesn't have a metric or its not something you have been measuring or collecting, best practice is to put 0, this is also a good indicator of areas your team can grow in.

These are the required data points to set up a good skeleton for the asset valuation. Everything else is supplementary for a more robust report. 

The data points you will need are:
  1. Current minimum threshold
  2. Community Impact
  3. Influencer Support
  4. Brand Exposure
  5. Earned Media
  6. Owned Media
  7. Shared Media


Nice to Have Data Points: 

  • Unaided Brand Awareness 
  • Aided Brand Awareness 
  • Audience Loyalty 
  • Audience Activation 
  • Corporate Partner Strategy 
  • Paid Media 
  • Total Pieces of Event Collateral 
  • Live Partner Activation 
  • Custom Assets