What are Merge Tags?


Customized emails can be created for each scheduled email in your Game Plan. The default text of the email will be displayed in the editor. The text and content of the email can be modified as needed for each message.

Merged Fields

The following fields can be added to the customized Game Plan emails. You can copy/paste the value in the Merge Field column directly into the email to achieve the value in the description field when the message is sent.

Merge Field



Logged-in user's first name


Logged-in user's last name


Logged-in user's jobTitle


Logged-in user's email


Organization's list of opportunities


Organization's Why Statement


Organization's Impact Statement


Organization's Primary Mission Focus


Organization's First Impact Statement


Organization's Impact Story


Organization's Name


Organization Contact's Website


Recipient's first name

[company name]

Recipient Company’s name

[CSR focus areas]

Recipient Company’s CSR Focus Areas

[types of investment]

Recipient Company



Hello [contact],

Take a look at all of {{organization.organizationName}}'s opportunities:


We are excited to partner with you to {{organization.aieldActivity}}.