How do I submit Pricing?

Submitting Pricing and Receiving Reports

When a user is ready to submit pricing, there is a "Submit" button located on the lower right hand side of the page.

An asset valuation must be filled out 100% in order to be submitted.  This DOES NOT mean that you have to have all metrics.  

  • Remember: If at any time you do not have one of these data points, enter a ‘0’. Zeros will not hurt your overall valuation, they will simply allow us to add these areas to an overall area of growth as we value your assets out.

Once it is submitted, the Pricing will reflect "Pending admin review" as our system computes a report. 

  • The Accelerist team gets an automatic notification that you have submitted the data and we will complete your report within one week unless we communicate to your otherwise.   The only reason this may happen is if as we look over the submission, we find numbers that we believe may be entered incorrectly.

When the report is complete your report will be viewable via the Pricing tab and directly on your Dashboard under the “Pricing” section.

The Final report will be exportable via pdf.