Helpful Tips for ROI Data Intake

An outline of the Must-Have and Nice-to-Have Data Fields

Here's a helpful video walking you through the data intake step-by-step:


Must Have Data Fields:

Company Social Spend | Total Giving

  • Cash ($ Value)
  • Non-Cash ($ Value)

Business Value | Constituent Engagement

  • Engagement from ambassadors, executives, or influencers (Yes/No)
  • Access to agencies, vendors or other portfolio brands (Yes/No)


Necessary Fields Only If Applicable:

Business Value | Brand Reputation 

  • Media Impressions
    • Paid Media Impressions
    • Owned Media Impressions
    • Additional Social Media Impressions

Social Value | Quantitative

  • Program Focus Area - % of Giving (Only If Applicable)
  • Beneficiaries (Drop Down Selection)
  • Mission Advancement - Over the last 12 months, what positive change did your organization make?
  • Scope of Impact – (Global, International, National, Regional, State/Province-wide)