Helpful Tips for ROI Media Tracking

To get the most out of media monitoring, here are some helpful steps that your organization can take into consideration with Accelerist media tracking.  

  1. Mark important partnership/campaign dates or moments to understand the impact on earned and shared media, determine the effectiveness of various strategies, and benchmark key dates against each other. Examples of key dates or partnership moments include: 
    1. Announcement of partnership 
    2. Announcement of an event with your partner 
    3. In-person or online event 
  2. Determine your priority shared media network and focus on that audience. For example, if each of your organization chapters have a strong Twitter presence, but no Instagram, that will affect how you approach the campaign, keywords, and content. If you are engaging on various platforms, tailor your message to best suite each platform rather than using a copy-paste for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond. 
  3. Determine who will be using the keywords and hashtags and make it appropriate for that audience. Use what you know about your audience to help craft a partnership message that reaches them where they are and encourages them to engage in natural and genuine way. 
  4. Outline your goal for hashtags and keywords – is it to spark action? conversation or engagement? raise awareness? shift an existing conversation? Make sure the hashtag or keyword reflects your purpose, so that those using it and seeing it will understand and spread that purpose. 
  5. Do research before finalizing a keyword or hashtag. Is the one you chose already trending for another reason? Will it get lost in an existing conversation? Or maybe, your audience is already using particular language that you can leverage for a greater purpose.