Getting Started with the Dashboard

The Accelerist dashboard give admins a quick glance into the activities on the platform.  Follow along below.


  • Recently Added Companies

  • Prospecting Session Highlights - filters, No. of prospects available, No. of contacted pursued and the No. of game plans. You will also see the creator of the session as well as last activity date.

  • Game Plan Highlights-Deployment day, No. of emails sent, No. of recipients, open %, link click %, email reply % and some contacts on the game plan. You will also see the creator of the game plan as well as last activity date.

  • Favorites 


  • Reporting - this included total number of prospecting records, sent pitches, a direct link to our AcceleristU resource, your top matched companies and the last login for all users on the platform. 


  • Lastly you will see your asset valuation snapshot that includes total asset value, potential asset value, recommended pricing and top areas for growth.