Corporate profile - More on whats included

Short answer everything! We offer a comprehensive corporate profile with all the pertinent information at your fingertips!

Lets walk through a cooperate profile, follow along


Jumping into a corporate profile you are greeted with some general information on this company. You will see their general contact information as well as a business description.


You may also notice some buttons along the top, lets touch on those:

The heart: That is our favorites button, if clicked this corporate profile will live on the dashboard in a section called favorites for easy access. 

The Social Icons: These are clickable links that take you directly to this companies social channels, cool right?

The Partnership: When highlighted in blue this alerts other team members that you have secured a partnership with this company.

The Meeting: When highlighted in blue this alerts other team members that you have secured a meeting with this company.

Block: If you are unable to partner with this company you can block them with this button.



Next you will see a section that highlights any similar companies as well as a parent company is applicable. You will also see we provide information pertaining to the revenue reported and employees reported. It is important to note that these numbers are on a sliding scale so you will see the + is where we topple out at. 




*Now I know you have noticed the oh so beautiful blue bubbles along the side, that is just some information we have pulled from your organizational profile and identified some commonalities with this cooperate profile. 


Next up you will see our contacts section, just what your looking for I know! Our contacts are prioritized by CSR, HR and Marketing contacts, they are throughly vetted and consistently updated. 

Within the contacts is where you will pitch from. *Remember pitches are a single point of outreach, to learn more see our article titled "". 


Moving right along, you will see some social impact information pertaining to this company, that will include CSR focus areas, Types of Investments, and SDG Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) 


We then offer some great information on contributions this company has made and some of their past charitable partners, this is great information to use in terms of seeing how your organization compares to others this company has supported. 


We then round out the organizational profile with some customer demographic information



This concludes our walk through a cooperate profile, happy prospecting!