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Consumer Fundraising Walkthrough

Follow along the screenshots, we will show you the ropes to consumer fundraising!

Step 1: Navigate to the Fundraising tab and this is what you will see:


Step 2: Add a new campaign


Step 3: Complete that intake form and hit save.


Step 4: After hitting save, see your campaign appear.


Step 5: Select the Shopping Bag for POS and select your colors, font, donation amounts, etc.


Step 6:  Add in an image for your header and choose whether to cover donor fees.


Step 7: Complete the donation form information.


Step 8: Complete the donation receipt form.


Step 9: Finalize the donation email receipt. This is where you can include a coupon. 


Step 10: Add in the coupon details if applicable.


Step 11: See your completed POS campaign. At this point, Publish the campaign to see your partners, then select the partner to view a co-branded preview.