Audience Analysis: What, Why and How

An overview of how the report data can inform your prospecting strategy.

Audience module


About the Audience Data

We run your organization’s email list and social handle through our proprietary database, which is an aggregate from a variety of sources, including licensed data from Simmons, Census Reports, Tax Returns, Purchasing Data, Social Listening, etc. The database includes 300 million consumer records, 40 billion social connections, and 100 million nonprofit records and profiles. Through this process, we’re able to extract your constituent demographics, purchasing preferences, lifestyle, brand affinities, and more, and generate a primary persona.


How to Use Your Data

When a number is reported as 4x, for example, this is a relative index and means that your constituents are 4 times as likely to purchase this item, shop this brand, hold this job, etc. than the average nonprofit constituent. When a number is reported as a percent, this means that the reported percentage of your constituents has an affinity for purchasing premium brands, or has children living at home, etc. When looking at the data, your constituency is represented by the dark blue line, and the average nonprofit constituency is represented by the light blue line.


Activating Your Data with Prospects/Sponsors

We have a great resource to help you activate your audience like a boss! Check it out here.

Also see our sample Audience Analysis report here.